Diane Martin

My husband and I have been using Fine Stitch for almost 5 years now. I have taken everything from hemming dress pants, to fixing broken zippers to hemming those pesky track pants with zippers at the bottom (fyi you can keep the zipper after it is hemmed unlike others who hem those types of pants). We have even had a dress shirt hemmed for a wedding. Anything to suit your needs. I have been pleased with everything we have had done and you cannot beat the price either. Thank you Fine Stitch :)

Sheila Ruban

I met Farah 14 years ago when I walked into her shop with an armload of material and asked her to make curtains for a cottage 2 provinces away! She did a spectacular job and everything fit perfectly. Since then she has hemmed, altered, remade and fit any article we have brought to her. She is infinitely patient and her workmanship is "haute couture". Her prices are extremely reasonable and she is one of Ottawa's greatest treasures!


Hi Farah,

Just to tell you I really appreciated your work, and have finished my model.

I will recommend your services as tailor/seamstress master to my friends.

Thanks again!

Rebecca Stiles

So friendly and so professional! The clothes look store bought, the finishing is so perfect. Would absolutely go back!

Mar 24, 2017